Hi all, I’ve decided to change the setup for my site. Every once in a while I will write stories about composing, teaching, playing the guitar, getting pedals etc, basically anything that’s on my mind and situations I run into being a musician. So, let’s do this thing.

Last week I had the pleasure to play some of my songs on Christmas Eve at Poppodium Grenswerk in Venlo. The evening was organized like a mass, but without the religious aspects. There were multiple speakers and musicians who all shared personal stories through words or music. It was really exciting to play a concert like this. I played “Turn Off The Lights” and “Rosy”.

I’ve also been busy with mixing and tracking some of the recordings I made last summer for my solo project and for Hireth. It’s not done yet, but because I want to share more music online here’s a snippet of “Rosy”:¬†https://soundcloud.com/gsrobbert/robbert-suilen-rosy-snippet¬†

Hope to see and hear you guys soon!

Photo of Christmas Eve at Grenswerk by mcshark.nl

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