Besides playing music, I really love listening to music. It’s basically what gets us into music in the first place. You hear a melody, a chord or a lyric that sends shivers down your spine. It was the moment I knew I wanted to be a musician. Let me paint you a picture. I was in a car looking at the passing fields somewhere in the south of Italy. I was listening to “…All This Time” by Sting. Expressive singing, poetic lyrics and lush chords (that I didn’t understand, but eagerly wanted to understand) made me fall in love with the record. I probably played that record more times than any other record I own.

It was also the first record I heard that used soundscapes mixed with acoustic instruments. 

This is an important part of what Keri and I do now with Hireth. On the 25th January we released our first real single called “Snow”. I wrote it looking outside the window on a snowy day in Amsterdam. The snow was falling down so fast that you couldn’t tell if the snow was falling or ascending. Keri and I worked a lot on soundscapes in the mixing progress, trying to capture the movement of the snow.

Its thrilling to know that music you once heard in your head to be available online!

You can listen to “Snow” here:

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