‘Songs from the Garden’

I’m super proud and excited to share WANDER’s first album with you. ‘Songs from the Garden’ is a collection of songs written by Babs van Bree, Renée Steenvoorden and myself, recorded at Studio 150, De Bethlehemkerk, in Amsterdam. The songs reflect our vision on nature, dreaming, cities, playfulness and improvisation. It was such a joy to make. The dutch Jazz magazine ‘Jazzism’ wrote a lovely review on our album (excerpt):

“Three voices and guitar, that’s all WANDER needs to build an intriguing world of sounds… Sometimes scat where you don’t expect it, sometimes you’re dreaming away. WANDER surprises you constantly.”

Marcel Haerkens (Jazzism #5 2021)

You can listen to ‘Songs from the Garden’ here:

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Artwork ‘Songs from the Garden’ by Isabel Camps

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